Thanks to all of your kind messages I decided to relaunch my website to share all of the photos that don’t make it onto the main feeds. I don’t know when I turned into someone that cared about my Instagram aesthetic but I post a quarter of the photos I take and I really need a better outlet to continue sharing my experiences through photography.

For those who don’t know me personally, my name is Vanessa Stott and I’m actually a paralegal and college instructor by trade. Although I work full time in law, when I manage to escape the office I am pretty fortunate in terms of the products I get to try and the events I get to attend here in Toronto. These opportunities triggered an interest in photography I didn’t know I had and three years later I’m continuing to learn new things and grow as a photographer. In terms of other interests, outside of food and photography, my dog is literally my best friend and chances are if I’m not with her, I’d rather be.

I really do appreciate all of your views, likes and comments and I hope you see a marginal improvement in my pictures along the way!

Thanks again for your support!

Vanessa Stott


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